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"Jen Shaw's deep tissue and sports massages make me feel like a new man! For all my life I have been a sports and outdoor enthusiast and with my activities I have experienced the normal aches and pains you might expect.  As I have gotten a little older, it seems my recovery time takes a bit longer.  I have found massage therapy to be a great tool to help me “get back in the game” sooner and Jen Shaw is the best!" 

Rodger J. (client since Sept 2006) 

Rodger has been active in sports and exercise his whole life (recently ran the ING 1/2 marathon 3/08) and has been getting regular therapeutic massages for approximately 20 years in Atlanta and around the country.

"Jen is very dependable and always has a great attitude that translates to feeling better mentally and physically.  Occasionally my lower back stiffens or I am just stressed out for whatever reason.  When this occurs, I call Jen Shaw for her 'magic touch'.   As an aging former athlete, I have had massages from many massage therapists, but Jen Shaw is the best!  Her specialty for me is the deep massage that is the fine line between pain and pleasure.  I have used Jen for several years and have recommended her to my family, friends, and co-workers.  By the way, if you want to be a hero to your friends and family, give them a gift certificate for a massage session with Jen!"

Jerry W. (client since Sept 2006)

Jerry has been active in sports and exercise his whole life (former basketball & baseball player, currently runs, plays golf & tennis, weight trains regularly.) and has been getting regular therapeutic massages for over 20 years.

Jen is so knowledgeable about all aspects of massage and physiology that I feel totally comfortable under her fantastic hands! I have been getting massage therapy from Jen for two years; she has been such a help with various sports injuries and general stress relief.”

Doreen C. (client since 2006)

Doreen has been active her whole life.  She plays ALTA & USTA, frequently hikes, bikes, and weight trains weekly.  She has been getting regular therapeutic massages for over a dozen years in different parts of the country.

"Jen's therapy has increased my longevity.  After an ACL tear and subsequent knee surgery, I began getting massage therapy from Jen.  12 years later she has helped me stay on the soccer field and fight off 'father time'- she is the best!"

Jonathan B. (client since 2000) 

Jon has been playing soccer for 40 years; he currently plays Over 30 Division 1. Jon also runs, plays golf and tennis on a regular basis.  He has been getting regular therapeutic massages in Atlanta for over 20 years.

"When Jen Shaw gives me a deep tissue massage, I can feel the relief immediately, and have told her that she has “magic hands”.  For years I have had chronic problems with muscle tension in my back and neck that are stress related.  Consequently, massage therapy has been a necessity rather than a luxury for me.   She alleviates my tension and improves my mobility.  I leave with such a feeling of well being and peace of mind.  Jen is the best massage therapist that I have ever had, and I would highly recommend her.  I received a thank you call today from a friend that I gave a Jen Shaw gift certificate.  It was his first massage with Jen; he said it was the one of the best gifts he had ever received.  He also said he has had many massages but none as good as his session with Jen and that she really knew what she was doing.  I was so pleased that he felt the same way that I do."

Sharon B. (client since 2006)

Sharon has been getting therapeutic massages for several years. 

"I was searching for a new massage therapist and had received numerous referrals for Jen Shaw over a short period of time.  My initial and continued experience with her is that she is a constant professional, sweet, prompt and is a magician at getting all those knots, aches and pains out.  I highly recommend her!"

Lori D. (client since May 2007) 

Lori regularly plays golf, weight trains, runs, etc.   She has been getting regular therapeutic massages for over 10 years. 

"Finding Jen was the greatest thing!  I always feel refreshed, rejuvenated and most importantly relieved of stress and tension by the end of our sessions."

Jennifer N. (client since Oct 2007) 

Jennifer weight trains and does cardio weekly. She has been getting therapeutic massages for over a dozen years.

"I know when I come in for my massage, I will leave feeling pampered and renewed. I have been a client of Jen’s for five years.  Each time I see her, I know that it’s been too long since the last time I saw her.  She provides me with stress relief and relaxation.  Thank you, Jen!" 

Adrienne M. (client since 2002)

Has been physically active her whole life - former ballet dancer, runner.  Has been getting therapeutic massage for over a dozen years. 

"Jen has a God given gift! I have received massages at a lot of places and I can be a tough critic!  The moment Jen starts to work on me I find myself asking why I have waited so long to see her again!"

Aimee F. (client since 2002) 

Aimee has been getting regular therapeutic massages in Atlanta for over a dozen years.

"I look forward to this every time! It clears my head, frees my mind, and my body feels rejuvenated."

Jenny C. (client since 2007)

Jenny has been getting therapeutic massages for over a dozen years.  She runs and weight trains on a regular basis.

"Jen is the BEST! Recently, my entire body was so sore from two days of painting a house that I could hardly move. After just one massage, I felt so good that the next day I walked three miles. What a difference!"

Doug (client since 2008)

"My massage with Jen was Awesome!  Her hands are so strong, yet the massage was so relaxing.  The atmosphere is perfect!  It is so soothing…even her voice is soothing.  I will be back soon!"

Maddi (client since 2008)

"Oh my gosh!  Where to begin....Tremendously relaxing!  I felt as light as a feather.  My body aches were totally taken away!  Can't wait to see Jen again!"

Sandy (client since 2008)

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